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Doctor Christopher Bruno - Doctor of Chiropractic in Reston Virginia

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Your First Visit

Upon arriving at the office you will be greeted by my friendly staff or myself, you may see other satisfied patients. Maybe even some you know. Just sign in, fill out a short new customer form you're on your way to a better you...

I will then consult with you and ask all about your concerns and spinal history. I will do a safety profile to assure you can receive adjustments. From here, with the latest technology, You will lie on the comfortable custom tables and the doctor will feel along the spine for motion, alignment, and balance. If, there is a need, you will have a spinographic image (x-ray), in our state of the art x-ray facility. Our brand of x-ray machine has won awards for the low exposure and safety. Our practice members are worth it! Depending on the situation, you may be adjusted that day or asked to return the next day to review the results.

You will then proceed to the front desk to schedule your next appointment and make any payments. Consultation is always free and any charges will be explained in advance. The second appointment to review your findings will be about 20 minutes. From then on, visits may last from 5-15 minutes. An adjustment does not take a long time, but it help a lot.

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